Marine Energy Solutions

  • 2821 SW 23rd Terrace Bay #3
    Fort Lauderdale, FL, 33312
  • Monday - Friday: 9 AM - 6 PM
  • Phone: (954) 581- 2505
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About Us

Founded 1999, eMarine Systems is a distributor of MARINE ELECTRICAL PRODUCTS, specializing in the sale of SOLAR PANELS, WIND GENERATORS, ELECTRIC PROPULSION DRIVES, INVERTERS, and BATTERIES (ENERGY STORAGE). This list is non-exhaustive and includes COMPLETE INSTALLATION KITS, CONTROL PANELS, HIGH-OUTPUT ALTERNATORS, CHARGERS, BATTERY ISOLATORS, and BATTERY COMBINERS. We also sell MARINE REFRIGERATION, WATER HEATERS, navigation lights, specialty hardware, and we are the only area master GFO DRIPLESS SHAFT PACKING dealer.

eMarine assists boat owners/mechanics with determining boat system power demands, and then helps size and/or supply the components to ensure a complete, onboard alternative energy system. When shopping with eMarine, you're provided the convenience of a single point of purchase for all your products, in addition to many more advantages:

  • Extensive contacts with the best local boatyards!
  • Post-installation technical support!
  • Personalized solutions for every unique need!
  • In-house repair / service for select products!
  • Custom solar, wind, and hybrid charging kits!
  • Decades of alternative energy conversion experience!

With cost, performance, and dependability as our criteria for success, our technical sales staff are ready to assist you with anything from accurately sizing a product to providing quotes for a full system replacement. eMarine is thrilled to help you achieve your land or marine alternative energy goals.

In-house SERVICE CENTER available for repair of Inverters and Wind Generators. See our DEALER & INSTALLER LIST for a list of vetted, reliable installers. eMarine Systems operates out of its corporate offices, showroom, warehouse in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

eMarine Systems is a division of RNW Energy Systems Corp.