Anglers Solar: Solar Charging Trolling Batteries

End Fishing Frustration

Anglers Solar

You enjoy a relaxing day of fishing. Be it a Bass boat, Flat boat, Skiff boat or other they are usually quipped with electric trolling motor that require recharging after each use creating work and anxiety distracting from the days enjoyment.

e Marine understand your frustration and has an excellent solution for both 24 V and 36 V trolling motor equipped fishing boats. The system consists of two major components, a device called a combiner and a solar panel.

Trolling Motor Batteries, and Solar Charging Solutions

The marine rugged sealed combiner automatically reconfigures the trolling motor 24 or 36 V battery banks into a 12 V system allowing the engine to begin recharging automatically in the background as soon as it is started. Once the easy to install combiner is wired into the boat system, it reconfigures the batteries to 24V (or 36V) when using the trolling motor and then reconnects the batteries back into a parallel configuration (12 V bank) to allow easy recharging. The various combiners models available work with a simple 2 battery system (starter, trolling) to a 5 battery system (starter, house, and 3 trolling i.e. 36 V).

The second system part is the solar panel (optional component) with its built-in regulator recharges not only the main engine starter battery but also the batteries used for the trolling motor when not using the boat (even while fishing). The solar panel works seamlessly eliminating the need for removing batteries off the boat for charging, or plugging in the charger cord once back home. The simplicity of this takes away the frustration of dealing with your battery charging needs making that fishing day more enjoyable.

The neat thing about this system is everything remains prewired, there is nothing to remove, no switches to throw and nothing to remember. Park the boat back at the dock or in the driveway and it will begin safely recharging all the batteries on board as soon as the sun is available making sure it is ready for your next fishing adventure.

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