The staff at e marine and knowledgeable and helpful! Willing to educate and go the extra mile

Gabriela L


Extremely knowledgeable in sorting and solving my issue with combining lead acid and Lithium battery banks on my sailboat. Always a pleasure dealing with eMarine

Andre W

E Marine Systems was excellent. I originally got some custom wiring from them to install in my converted Sprinter van. They were quick and have very reasonable pricing. After I installed the wiring myself, I realized that I had a bigger problem and came back to them the next day. Not only did they let me walk in without an appointment, they helped me with some much larger wiring issues that would have caused me major problems down the road. They are extremely knowledgeable, kind, and flexible. If I lived in the area, I would definitely come back to them again and again.

Brooke Y.


My experience in purchasing my fairly large solar upgrade from eMarine has been exceptional. In the design phase Marc in technical support was outstanding – he answered all my many questions and developed a schematic for my installation, which was extremely helpful. My order was delivered complete and on time – pricing was excellent. I had an issue with a major (and costly) item that was delivered and Patrice in customer service responded immediately and resolved the problem quickly without any of the usual hassle and nitpicking that I have experienced elsewhere. All in all it was a great experience – highly recommended.

Michael K


It was a pleasure dealing with Patrice, Jim and all the team at Emarine systems. I ordered an electric outboard, and due to pandemic related supply problems, it took a month or so to arrive. While the sales person had told me the unit would be ready to go out of the box, it came missing an important, and expensive ($300) part. As it turns out, this part was actually NOT included with the unit/PN that I ordered. Despite this, because my expectations had been set, Patrice, Jim, and the leadership team at Emarine made good on their original commitment, and drop shipped me the missing component at their cost directly from the manufacturer within two days! Because of this positive experience, I'll make it a point to give my business to emarine any time I can in the future. Integrity is key! Patrice and Emarine earned a lifetime customer.

John L


Very friendly staff. Always a pleasure to support local businesses.

DJ Nico B


Good business. Nice people. A place to know if you want i formation about solar panels

Bertrand L


great place to get all of your high quality inverter charger battery needs for your boat or yacht!! solar and wind generators too!

Capt. Bill


These people were very helpful. We had a voltage regulator which had gone bad and was not working. Alex said that they would take a look at it and see if they could do anything about the repair of it. they got into it they were able to repair it. It works great! these people went far beyond what they needed to help me. Their service was excellent!

Deborah M.

We purchased our Firefly batteries from e Marine and had a great experience with that transaction. They provided the technical details to help me understand the best way to charge and care for these carbon foam AGMs.

Later in the day (5pm) I noticed one of the cables from our solar array was corroded and crumbling. Since we were scheduled to leave the dock soon I needed to figure out a solution. I called e Marine expecting to get their voicemail so I could leave a message. Someone answered and after I explained what I was looking at, they suggested I come to their shop and they would help me get the parts I needed.

I showed up at 6pm to a shop that was busy with their technicians working on projects. They spent almost an hour drawing diagrams and showing me cables and how to best fix my issue.

Then the magic happened. Two of them grabbed cables and their tools and said "we'll follow you to your boat and help you."

Once we got to the boat, they spent time looking at all the connections and identified several things that needed to be replaced due to deteriorating plastic connectors. Some of the repairs required custom cables to extend the wiring. They measured and told me that they would put everything I needed together for me. I asked what day I should come in to pick the new parts up and was told "give us a 30 minute head start then come to the shop to pick them up tonight."

This level of service and expertise is what the boating community needs. The staff at e Marine are exceptional in not only their knowledge but also their care of the customer and their understanding of the needs of boaters.

It's rare for me to feel a sense of loyalty to a retailer or service provider but I will use these folks every chance I get. I highly recommend them!

Ray H.


I took two different, but similar wind generators to their shop to get bench tested. When I got them back, one of them was not acting normally. I made a second trip to their shop. Wilmer (the service tech who worked on my units originally) checked out the problematic wind generator again. Honestly I was a bit upset and thought they really hadn't tested my unit thoroughly so i asked if I could see how they tested them.

Although I'm sure it's not normal company policy to let customers "in the back", they obliged and I was treated to a behind the scenes look at how they test the units on a purpose made dyno. Full disclosure in a previous life I was an NMEA certified marine electronics technician and based on my behind the scenes experience, all I can say is that they take servicing wind generators seriously.

Wilmer went into a file cabinet pulled up a file with my name and the previous dyno results of my unit. He ran the unit on the dyno again and the numbers were exact. It doesn't get much better than that in my book. They will see more of my business soon.

Xavier B.



I wanted to say thanks for everything. I installed the solar panels exactly how I had planned. The only thing that I had to change was replacing the Phillips head screw on the Orion supports for a hex head. The hex head was the right screw for the installation. Thanks again for delivering them on time and making sure I had everything I needed in the kit. You made it very easy.


Chris G.



This is just a note to thank you guys for all your great help in powering up Flyer. We're in the Abacos now and are enjoying all those lovely amps from the Silent X and the LG panels.

Thanks Again,

Mike B.



We are indebted to you for your quick turnaround of our inverter. You saved the day for us. Thank you so much for helping us in our time of need. You have a top notch team at e marine systems.

Anyone who wants quality service on believable timelines should not hesitate to deal with David at e marine systems.

John and Kathy from s/v Nu Yare


My flexible solar panel stopped working after only three years and the panel had a warranty of five years. The panel looked ok but the wiring connected to the diode block had corroded.

I phoned Emarine systems and spoke with David, he listened to my problem, asked the apropriate questions and finished by saying he would see what he could do.

I thought that was the last I would hear from them. The following day David called me back to say that he had found a replacement panel for me and for the cost of shipping I could have it.

Thank you very much David if I'm in the market for other electrical equipment I would come back to emarinesystems.




This is an update on the charge/discharge current invert issue we talked about last week. I figured out what the problem is, thanks to you. I had the START battery connected to load side of shunt as you indicate could be the problem. I connected both the START & HOUSE to battery side of shunt. No more negative amp issue. It shows exactly positive amps going in and negative going out. Thank you for the help, I truly appreciate it.

This is one reason I keep coming back to eMarine for product purchase is because of your customer service. Top notch as far as I am concern. Keep up the good work and I will be back for an inverter purchase once in Ft. Lauderdale.

Thanks again for your help and follow through. Take care.

Bruce B.



What a great service you provided, if there is anything else I need or any other yachts needing equipments, I sure will recommend your business.

You are one of a kind in the marine industry.



Thank you very much. You are an extremely professional business and it was a pleasure dealing with you.




Thanks so much for "going above and beyond the call of duty".

We will be spreading the word to all our fellow cruisers along the East Coast and the Caribbean.

George & June Smith


Hi Dianne,

I appreciate your assistance with the purchase and thanks for chatting with me and having a laugh or three.

I judge my opinion more on personalities and service than product, mostly. Not that I will be happy with boomarang shaped blades with 7 lbs difference in wt but it was fun talking with you. You have a pretty laugh.

If you ever want to see some cool things at the space center with your family let me know. I can hook you up with my brother that spent 20 years there. Really ! His wife too. They would prob make you come to dinner though.


David H


Hello eMarine,

I have benefited a lot from your solar site since I started messing with solar, so I wanted to say thanks for the info.

A few years ago I had to decide how much solar I needed on my boat. I ultimately decided on just a small 20 watt panel, which has worked out great for me.

I write a popular sailing blog for Southern California sailors. I just recently put together a page that helps other sailors decide on how much solar power they will need for their sailboat.

Here’s the solar page I put together: https://www.captaincurran.com/2...

Thanks for your consideration!

Kevin Curran


Proud customer with the installation of a hybrid solar/wind system that consists of two 85W marine solar panels and a 914i Rutland WindCharger for his 33 foot Beneteau boat!.

View testimonial video


A happy customer with the installation of 2 Kyocera 140W solar panels and a Blue Sky solar charge controller on top of the bimini of his brand new 2015 Catalina 445, making the Lifeline batteries very happy!

View testimonial video


Satisfied customer with the acquisition of a complete solar system featuring 2 Solbian semi flexible 100W solar panels on a bimini of a Tartan 34C sailboat at the Annapolis Boat Show in Maryland.

View testimonial video


Satisfied customer with the purchase of a Kyocera solar pv panel and a Blue Sky solar charge controller to power all the lights and instruments on-board!

View testimonial video


Hi E-Marine,

2 Kyocera 140 Watt panels with a BlueSky system

Just wanted to say thanks for your help and awesome customer service. I have bought and installed 4 solar systems for myself and friends on our boats.

I have included a few pictures of my installation. I used 2 Kyocera 140 Watt panels with a BlueSky system. I stacked them on my davits, the bottom one being fixed and “tiltable” on the bottom 1” stainless tube.

2 Kyocera 140 Watt panels with a BlueSky systemThe top panel is mounted on 2 screw on rails that I deploy when at anchor and push out the panel to allow for full exposure. I am modifying this a bit a moving the top panel closer to the bottom so that it doesn’t shade it as much.

Cheers and thanks




We're all set up & the solar system works like a charm. Even slightly tilted aft, away from the sun, and on light, cloudy days, our four type 31 batteries charge properly.

Thanks for your good service!

Headed to FL, by boat, this week. Maybe we'll stop in and say hello

Jonathan and Debbie


I spoke with Diane @3:30 on a recent Friday indicating that I needed an Aqualine regulator the following day. She personally retrieved the regulator, oversaw its shipping and it arrive the following day by noon.

I swapped it out for the failed regulator and had the voltage set to the proper bulk charging voltage by 3 that day.

Excellent, timely service. I will certainly order from you in the future. Please feel free to use this email in your promotional media.

Brian F.


Hi Bob,

While you did not have the part we needed, you pointed us to an excellent resource. As a testimonial to quality service..you all rate 1000%. Bob was extremely knowledgeable and helpful!.

Joan E.


Hi Bob,

Installed 2 solar panels you sent me in NY and they are working out great. Not too difficult to install. Great package you sent.

Bill W.



Paul T here, want to say thanks for all the help. The solar is working amazingly, went in like a charm and worked out perfectly. We will be in in a couple weeks to pick up the wind turbine blades, hopefully you will have put a set aside for us and most likely grab the magnum.

I found the other sheet of plastic I thought I had lost, under the hard solar panels, so if ok ill bring that back as well. As soon as possible ill do the survey, I couldn't be happyier.

Thanks again and look forward to seeing you most likely in 3 weeks, hope that works

Paul T.



Thanks for your professionalism. Even though I could possibly have saved a little bit on piecemealing the order around the country, you gave me such a feeling of confidence in your company that I placed the order with you.

When you get a chance, if you have not already done it, please email me a paid invoice for my taxes.


Lance S.


Proud customer with the purchase of a Silentwind Marine Wind Generator enhanced with Power Blue Blades.

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You might be interested in this: I mounted two of your Shine 100-watt semi-flexible solar panels on my new HardToTop hard-top dodger.

I mounted the panels with 3M "Extreme" outdoor mounting tape, all around the edges. I cut channels in the extruded-aluminum front edge for the cables from the solar panels, mounted the MC-4 connectors on the dodger frame, and pulled my own wiring through the frame - I think it's a pretty slick installation.

The hard-top is made of an extruded cellular polycarbonate plastic. I'm sure it will be stiff enough to keep the panels from flexing. And I've added 200 watts of solar energy to my charging system, which will be ample to power my autopilot while under sail.

Thanks for providing such economical, high-power solar cells!

Rick W.

View Installation



I’ve been meaning to write for about 8 months. We bought the Silent Wind kit from you last summer.

We installed it while on a mooring in Port Washington NY and the kit was perfect. All the parts were there, easy to understand direction, we cut the supports to fit and everything worked out great (we hardly lost any tools overboard too).

We live aboard and the master is aft cabin, so I was concerned about the noise - this is unbelievably quiet.

We are at National Harbor outside of DC now.

Just wanted to say thank you



Hi Bob,

I apologize for not getting back to you sooner but I have been traveling. I wanted to give you an update on the solar panels that we have installed on the Passports. We have done two now and will be doing a third in a couple of months.

The first installation was on an aft cockpit Passport Vista 545. We put two Shine 135W and two Shine 50W panels on this boat all connected in series. I have enclosed a few pictures of the installation which was done atop a custom made bimini frame with canvas top attached. The panels have sewn zippers on each side with corresponding zippers sewn onto the bimini top, so they can be easily removed. The wires ran down one leg of the frame to an Outback controller. We have tested this boat extensively both in New England and in the tropics. This boat was built as an energy efficient boat with all LED lights, DC Frigiboat refrigeration and a DC 400gpd Spectra water maker among other energy efficient features. I am please to inform you that the solar panels run the entire boat quite nicely with the exception of the air conditioning which of course is AC voltage. This boat has four 8D batteries and three GP31 batteries. Even on passages when all the instruments and autopilot are running the panels seem to be able to keep up with things. This owner likes to sail his boat rather than motor or motor sail and he runs the water maker once every other day. Still with all of those things seem to work well and the batteries stay well into a usable range for days.

The second boat we did was a Passport 545 center cockpit. That boat had two Shine 135W panels also atop the bimini but were connected in parallel because of their location. This boat also has a D400 wind generator where as the aft cockpit has no wind power. This boat too seems to be self sufficient although doesn't have the longevity between charges from another source as the aft cockpit does. But it is still quite respectable in its power generation.

We are continuing to offer solar and wind power to our clients, most of which are offshore sailors. I'd enjoy any thoughts or input that you have to offer. And I'd be happy to write any testimonials that you might like.

All the Best,

Thom W


Satisfied customer with the purchase of a Kyocera 325 Watt Solar Panel to keep the appliances and LED lights going on in his 35 Foot Sail Boat.

View testimonial video


Marine Surveyor Dylan Bailey is a another satisfied customer with the purchase of solar and wind power products from e Marine Systems.

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I want to thank you for your help. I was able to install the second panel on the davits. I am amazed at the performance.

James T.


Really happy with wind gen. I liked the extra screws they sent. I liked the knowledgeable service provided by you. And I liked the price. I like the controller and can't imagine not having one. The wire is great Quality and much better than west marines. Also liked the one day shipping.

I am sure I will sell something for you down the road. Was impressed of the quality of the Silent Wind Generator!...The generator folds down to allow me to go under bridges,but I may have to add the stays and make them quick disconnect for heavy winds.

Larry G.


We just installed the solar panels and they work great! I wrote a short article about our boat's electricity needs and how we satisfied them thanks to eMarine Systems!

Thank you for your patience and professional assistance in choosing the solar panels that fit our needs!



Thank you for the great service that you have afforded us, we truly appreciate the good work and the speedy return on our wind generator.

We shall speak very kindly of you folks and again thank you.

E Paul D.


I was more than pleased with the help and expertise that Gil provided us with. He went out of his way to help us design our solar panel frame and was a great help. Wish I had known about E Marine before I ordered my panels. You are a great company and wish we had one in Canada.

Jock M.


I had an excellent experience- really great support. I have already recommended emarine to several folks.

Thank you!



I needed some product advice and spoke to a young man. I did not get his name but he was extremely knowledgeable about the products you sell and gave me excellent advice.



Staff at front desk was very helpful. The gentleman went out of his way to make sure I knew how to install charge regulator. He was able to answer all my questions and gave me additional advise as to how to set up unit.


Hello Jeremy and Paul,

My system is installed for a week now and it works wonderfully! I am very happy with it.

Thank you for your professionnalism.

Bernard A.

Last week I had reported an apparent problem with my Rutland 913 and or the HRDX controller which I purchased back in June of 2008 from E-Marine. As a result of my conversations, primarily with Andrew of your Tech area, we came to the conclusion that there might be a problem in the controller area and not in the generator. He walked me through several test in order to reach this probable conclusion. Still he requested from me photos of the readings from the controller at rest and in motion. I have attempted to supply those in the attachments. They are poor, at best, due to the controllers location. They do show that while at rest the controller seems to read a -009 to 014, and when in motion, at low speed, it reads around -002 to -004. and varies with the speed. In general it does not seem to be working as it has in the past, and Andrew indicated that the - readings concern him most. We are at this time giving the unit a few more days, hoping for more wind, and will determine whether to repair or replace.

I have been very happy with the system but more than that, I have been so impressed with Andrew and his obvious concern for my problem and his follow through. I am at this time living on the boat without shore power at the moment ant am relying totally on batteries. Andrew made every attempt to reach a positive analysis with me and although the problem is still with us no one could have done more over the phone. He e-mailed Marlec and provided their response to me in a very timely manner. In the business world today it is truly rare to make contact with someone who so obviously cares and is concerned. Rest assured that E-Marine, through Andrew, has made a friend who will, without hesitation, make all future purchases through you, and spread the news through the marine community in this area.

Thank You,
Earl C.


Thank you for your response- we have added your company (the first one!) onto our "Great Companies & Products" section of our page. Thanks again!

Check us out at:


Wow, Jeremy!!

That was fast. I got the panel yesterday! I really appreciate your help. I will be sure to tell all who look at my panels about your company, and how pleased I was with your service.

Thanks again,

I returned from a 3 weeks sailing in the Caribbean where I live, after installing the solar panel kit. It was easy to install and they are performing much better than I expected.


The reason I bought the eMarine kit was so that I didn't have to search all over the net only to have to deal with multiple billings, multiple shipping dates, and then have to figure out how to get all the components to play together. My preference is to sail instead of spend time dockside trying to figure out an installation. The few extra dollars were well worth it. And no, I don't have stock in either Air Breeze or eMarine.


I purchased two KC130TM's together with Blue Sky controller, cable & fitting kits from e-marine. Joe Turner was very helpful with my order. Although I arranged the air freight myself, the whole package arrived in 3 days to Panama.


You have great products. I really like your custom panels; the E10 and E20!

Chuck at Power and Sail Boat Repair,
New Bern NC

I had an excellent experience- really great support. I have already recommended emarine to several folks. Thank you!

I needed some product advice and spoke to a young man. I did not get his name but he was extremely knowledgeable about the products you sell and gave me excellent advice.

Staff at front desk was very helpful. The gentleman went out of his way to make sure I knew how to install charge regulator. He was able to answer all my questions and gave me additional advise as to how to set up unit.