Balmar Regulators, Marine Alternator, High-Output Marine Alternator, and Boat Alternators

To power tricked-out deck boats, catamarans, and bowriders, boat enthusiasts near and far come to e Marine Systems. We can provide the high-output marine alternator and Balmar regulators you need to run dome lights, VHF radios, fish finders, ballast pumps, security systems, and more.

High-Output Marine Alternator

Just like the alternator in your car, a marine alternator provides usable AC energy for amenities like lighting, stereo systems, and onboard appliances. With electronic conveniences that have become necessities, we need more power on our boats than ever before.

A high-output marine alternator from e Marine Systems ensures that you have the proper energy to run all the electronics and electric-powered accessories you carry out to sea. We offer a boat alternator for different power needs and price points. Our inventory of marine alternators includes the versatile, high-performance Balmar 6-Series and rugged, small-case Powerline Series 23 alternators.

We also stock marine alternator accessories such as battery temperature sensors, boat alternator surge protectors, remote controls, and wire harnesses. To make sure that your high-output marine alternator delivers exactly the right voltage to each of your electrical appliances and equipment, consider an alternator regulator like the ones manufactured by Balmar.

Balmar Regulators

Balmar regulators are top-of-the-line alternator regulators. They monitor and regulate temperature, voltage, and current.

Balmar regulators protect the equipment charged by your high-output marine alternator, including your starting battery.

When you use Balmar regulators, you can be assured that your batteries will charge up faster, thanks to more efficient 3-step charging technology. These cutting-edge devices are also programmable, with features like voltage and charging time modification, temperature compensation, and start delay adjustment.

The affordable Balmar ERS Economy Voltage Regulator is ideal as an emergency backup to Balmar’s more advanced regulators. Compact and easy to mount, it comes with ground, ignition, power, and field wires.

For a comprehensive selection of high-output marine alternators and Balmar regulators, you can rely on e Marine Systems. We have the boat alternators and Balmar regulators that will keep all of your electric-powered accessories running smoothly and safely. With our decades of experience, e Marine Systems is recognized as a leading provider of marine power solutions.

The team at  eMarine Systems is dedicated to giving our customers unparalleled service. Whatever your marine power needs, e Marine Systems can help you fulfill them. Call us at 954-581-2505 or write to us at [email protected] and find out why so many people rely upon the experts at e Marine Systems.