When two or more batteries are installed in your vehicle (RV, Boat, Limousine, Emergency Vehicle, Automobile, etc.) powering different systems, Battery Isolators allows them to share a common charging source while being independently discharged.

Battery Isolators are commonly used to maintain the starting battery charge while using a second battery to power accessory items (sound systems, refrigeration, emergency lights, computer equipment, etc.) eliminating the fear of having a dead battery when trying to start the engine.

Choosing Battery Isolators can be a daunting task for the uninitiated. Consider the following when making your selection:

  • How many alternators do you have?
  • How many amps does your alternator output?
  • How many batteries do you want your system to charge?

Having the answers to those three questions makes choosing the right isolator for your needs a snap.

If your concerned about your batteries becoming overly discharged, we rcommend consider installing a Battery Protector.

What Does a Battery Isolator Do?

Battery Isolators

Common wiring setups, click to view:
1 Alternator 2 Battery 1 Alternator 3 Battery
1 Alternator 4 Battery 2 Alternator 3 Battery

Battery Isolator = your engine will start!

Why do I need a battery Isolator?