Need a Galvanic Isolator?

Galvanic Isolators protect your boat's metal components from corrosion caused by stray electrical currents (more frequently encountered in poorly maintained or older marinas), significantly extending the lifespan of your underwater hardware and preventing corriosion and breakdown of electrical components from electroloysis, especially in the case of aluminum boats.

If you are experiencing disintegration of the Zincs mounted your boats underwater propulsion system chances are it is being exposed to stray leakage current from the shore power. This electrical phenomenon is usually result of leakage electrical current from the docks or another vessel tied up nearby. In certain circumstances these currents can get excessive causing dangerous waters for nearby swimmers as well as massive damage to the boats drive systems.

It is very difficult to find out who the culprit is that’s causing the problem and it could come back again even if resolved with a new boat shows up to the docks. The simplest and easiest solution to reducing the need to replace your sinks is to install a galvanic isolator is to eliminate the problem on your end. Adding a galvanic isolator is a low cost and simple to install device which will bring a quick conclusion to the problem. Please find below some of the products we offer to help resolve this problem.

Need more in depth understanding of this unique phenomenon, check out this great article provided by boat US on explaining galvanic isolation.

Galvanic Isolator Diagram:

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Hypertech Galvanic Isolator Hypertech Galvanic Isolator for Fiberglass or Wooden Boats, Yandina Galvanic Isolator, Isolator for Wooden Boats, Wood Boats Isolator, Galvanic Isolator Fiberglass Boats, Shore Power Isolator, Electroloysis Galvanic Isolator
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Item #: GIY12105 -

##SHORTDESC##Battery Combiners are essential for mariners and boat owners seeking a reliable, efficient way to manage their own batteries. Battery Combiners connect two or more battery banks during charging, allowing a single power source to simultaneously charge multiple batteries. This ensures all your batteries stay ready for use. Note: This product is only for use with fiberglass and wooden boats. For aluminum boats, consider instead the Hypertech Galvanic Isolator Plus for Aluminum Boats....

Hypertech Galvanic Isolator Plus Hypertech Galvanic Isolator Plus, Yandina Galvanic Isolator Plus, Isolator for Aluminum Boats, Galvanic Isolator for Aluminum Hulls, Aluminum Isolator Boats, Watercraft Galvanic Isolator Aluminum Boat
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Hypertech Item #: GIY12110 -

The Hypertech Galvanic Isolator Plus for Aluminum Boats for metal boats or aggressive locations provides approximately 2.5-Volts isolation in the ground lead of your shore power supply to isolate DC and AC electrolytic voltages coming from the dock but yet pass safety currents to ground in the event of a short circuit, wiring error, or power leakage from your boat. Aluminum hulls have a built-in electric potential of -0.75 to -1.0-Volts, depending on the alloy, temperature, salinity, and...

Victron Energy Galvanic Isolator 16A 32A 64A Victron Energy Galvanic Isolator, GDI000016000, GDI000032000, GDI000064000
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The Victron Energy Galvanic Isolator prevents electrolytic corrosion. It blocks low voltage DC currents that enter your boat via the shore power earth wire. These currents can cause corrosion to the boat’s underwater metals, like the hull, propeller, shaft and so on. The galvanic isolator consists internally of two diodes which are connected in anti-parallel fashion. When they are connected in this way, the diodes allow current in both directions but only above a certain threshold voltage. The...