Watts Image Name Brand Details
80W Rutland 504 Wind Turbine Rutland 504 Marlec A super compact turbine that is great for using wind power for trickle charging. You can be sure that when you arrive on board your batteries will be well charged up and ready for your appliances.
138W Rutland 910-3 Wind Turbine Rutland FM 910-3 (Discontinued) Marlec Renowned for its quiet yet powerful operation on board coastal and ocean going yachts. Designed for optimum performance from the lowest of windspeeds to the strongest gales.
138W Rutland 910-4 Wind Turbine Rutland FM 910-4 Marlec The FM910-4 Furlmatic is without doubt the engineer’s choice of micro wind turbine for battery charging at off grid locations. Updated aerodynamic design.
180W Air 40 Wind Turbine Air 40 Ryse Energy
(Formerly Primus)
Quiet and efficient, recommended for small battery-charging applications: remote homes, telecom, industry, lighting, and more. The ideal wind turbine for land-based hybrid systems that include solar.
180W Air Breeze Wind Turbine Air Breeze Ryse Energy (Formerly Primus) Trusted by sailors around the around, its optimized electronic controls deliver energy quietly and efficiently. Recommended for small battery-charging applications in coastal areas or offshore: boats, docks and other marine uses.
200W Rutland 913 Wind Turbine Rutland 913i (Discontinued) Marlec Renowned for its quiet yet powerful operation on board coastal and ocean going yachts. Designed for optimum performance from the lowest of windspeeds to strongest of gales.
200W Rutland 914 Wind Turbine Rutland 914i Marlec Virtually silent turbine that punches above its weight for power, rivalling outputs of larger turbines. Its MPPT technology matches the turbine speed and generator to their optimum performance to deliver more ampere hours to your battery bank.
400W Air 30 Wind Turbine Air 30 Ryse Energy  (Formerly Primus) The best choice for reliable energy. Optimized software delivers reliable energy, with more consistent output than the competition. For industrial applications only
400W Air X Wind Turbine Air X Ryse Energy (Formerly Primus) Simplicity, reliability, aesthetics: the Air X features increased energy performance at lower wind speeds and quieter operation due to advanced blade design.
400W Air Silent X Wind Turbine Air Silent X Ryse Energy (Formerly Primus) The Air Silent X is best choice in marine environments off-grid marine-based applications. Offers increased power output and noise reduction over standard Air X product line through its enhanced "Spreco" carbon fiber blades.
400W Air MAX Wind Turbine Air MAX Ryse Energy   (Formerly Primus) The AIR MAX is a simple, affordable, quiet, and reliable land turbine. Easily integrates with solar, and features latest carbon fiber multicolor "Spreco" blades.
400W Air Silent X Wind Turbine Silentwind Pro Rulis Eléctrica Offers maximum safety and efficiency with minimum noise emission. A durable wind turbine that requires little maintenance due to being equipped with high quality components.
500W Rutland 1200 Wind Turbine Rutland 1200 Marlec Robust, high quality, and long lasting marine turbine. Uses a high-tech MPPT controller specifically designed for charging 2 battery banks, with the feature to accept input for solar panels for hybrid energy solutions.
900W Whisper 100 Wind Turbine Whisper 100 (Discontinued) Southwest Windpower The Whisper has a look featuring a cast aluminum frame and smooth, quiet operation of the patented "angle-governor" furling design.
1000W Airdolphin Pro Wind Turbine Airdolphin Pro (Discontinued) Zephyr Quiet and efficient, engineered to deliver more energy at lower and dynamically changing wind speeds. Designed for harsh and rugged environments, useful for a variety of battery charging applications.
NOTE: The wattage output for any given item will not be exact in all applications, and can vary depending on product, environment, and wind speed. Please review the documents associated with your wind turbine to confirm its actual wattage output.