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Isotherm and Isotemp products offer a unique value proposition in the marine refrigeration market, and they have the product variety to fit into any boat or RV!

Developed by Indel Webasto Marine, the worldwide marine refrigeration leader, Isotherm and Isotemp products combine an unrivaled choice of customizable high-quality products, designed for the tough marine conditions, together with a long tradition of innovative concepts and low on-board electrical energy consumption. Beyond increasing your quality-of-life onboard a marine vessel, refrigerators and water heaters will bring your watercraft up to the standards required for comfortable living. With Isotherm and Isotemp, you'll get the temperature you need.

Need help finding your perfect temperature solution? Feel free to reach out, and any of our knowledgable technical salespeople will do our best to assist!

High Manufacturing Standards

Indel Webasto Marine provides competitive solutions for competitive prices thanks to the strict selection of marine graded materials and automotive quality standards applied in their manufacturing plants. This means that all Isotherm products adhere to the highest quality standards, and are fully-tested before shipment.

Frost-Free Technology

Isotherm frost-free concept provides structural features which prevent the accumulation of ice inside the freezer, which helps preserve low energy consumptions. All models equipped with this frost-free technology are extremely economical and save energy on board when you need it the most.

Intelligent Temperature Control

The Intelligent Temperature Control Digital Display shows, controls, and regulates temperature in a refrigerated compartment from the exterior of a fridge/freezer cabinet, while also reducing on-board power consumption. The ITC Digital Display, in conjunction with a Holding Plate, forms a cooling unit called ITC+, where the stored energy effect is amplified thanks to the huge range of plates available.

Smart Energy Control

With Isotherm Smart Energy Control, Indel Webasto Marine offers the very unique opportunity to dramatically reduce on board power consumption for refrigeration appliances. This kit can be easily retrofitted to upgrade the energy saving capabilities of your existing Isotherm refrigeration product. The new CRUISE Elegance line provides a pre-formed location in the cabinet.

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