Electric drives are an increasingly common sight in the boating world. These drives grant mariners a convenient alternative to fossil fuels, while also providing a smoother, quieter, efficient, and flexible ride. With prices and adoption across all markets, it's never been more approachable to make a full conversion to electric power!

Why make the conversion with eMarine?

eMarine Systems has been working with electric drive systems since the 1980s, which - when combined with representing several major suppliers of vessel electric drive systems - gives us a distinct advantage in our ability to help you. We are a full one-stop shopping experience, prepared to provide adventurous mariners with a single source of purchase for all their needs, and we're equipped with enough knowledge to guarantee the components and system required to fit your needs.

With cost, performance, and dependability as our criteria for success, eMarine technical sales staff are here to assist you in answering whatever questions you have about making the switch.

The benefits of choosing eMarine:

  • Single point of purchase for your full system!
  • Partnered with many of the best local boatyards!
  • Post-installation technical support!
  • Decades of electric drive conversion experience!
  • Personalized solutions for your specific needs!
  • Custom solar, wind, and hybrid charging kits!
  • Repair and service for select electric drives!

If you have any questions about making the switch to an electric drive, reach out to one of our experienced technical salespeoples so we can get you started on your exciting journey!