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Yaw/Face Bearing Kit
Price: $108.00
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Ryse Energy Item #: WGP20608 -

Yaw & Face Bearing Kit- Standard. Fits Air X, Air Breeze, Air 30, Air 40

All-In-One Battery Diversion Load Control All-In-One Battery Diversion Load Control
Price: $289.00
Availability: Discontinued
MidNite Solar Item #: WGM30012 -

DISCONTINUEDThe All-In-One Battery Diversion Load Control is an integrated solution designed to prevent 12, 24 or 48 volt batteries from overcharging. Compact and easy to install, the CDL incorporates a 300 Watt resistive heating element and controller board in a powder coated steel enclosure.  Note: External fuse required for installation. Not Included. Models Specifications: PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) for highest charging performance without flicker Three Stage Charging...

KID Wind Hydro 12-48 VDC KID Wind Hydro 12-48 VDC, MNKID-HWBC
Price: $465.00-$784.00
Availability: Back Order
MidNite Solar Item #: CCM01038 -

KID Wind Hydro 12-48 VDC comes with the UL458 marine supplement, THE KID meets very strict vibration, environment, and thermal requirements. KID Wind Hydro comes standard with wall mounting bracket. Model number MNKID-B for the Black standard and MNKID-W for the White standard version. Standard versions can be cut into the wall for a flush mount assembly and also come with a surface mount wall adapter to mount on the wall. Comes Bundled with one of the 4 choices of clipper options, We offer...

High Tech Carbon Fiber Wind Generator Blades kit for Air X/Silent X/30/40/Breeze  2-ARBR-103 High Tech Wind Generator Blade Kit Air X Air 30 Air 40 Air breeze
Price: $438.00
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Ryse Energy Item #: WGP20172 -

This high tech wind generator Blade Kit  allows for upgrade of all  existing Air Breeze, Air-X, Silent Air-X, Air-30, Air-40, Silentwind wind generators (12-24-48V) to the latest in high performance blades. The trendy distinctive Blue-White-Gray colored high-tech carbon fiber blades maximizes the capturing of wind energy with minimal noise.  The Wind Generator Blade Kit includes 3 balanced carbon fiber blades that are Blue with White and Gray stripes. Included in...