Common Wattage Guide

The choice between modified sine wave and pure sine wave inverters can be very important depending on the electronics you plan to power. The listed examples below can help you make the right choice, both in required output and in the most effective sine wave option.

We understand every custom installation requires every custom approach. Feel free to reach out to any of our experienced technical salespeople to answer any questions!

Consumer Electronics =
Commercial Electronics =
Best with PSW Inverter =
Best with MSW Inverter =
Item Wattage
LED Light 10W
TV Receiver 25W
DVD Player 30W
Cellphone 50W
30" LCD TV 60W
Laptop 65W - 120W
Ceiling Fan 75W
CC Reader 100W
Tablet 100W
Computer 125W - 300W
30" Plasma TV 150W
Game Console 150W - 300W
Stereo 200W
Batt. Charger 240W – 500W
1/4" Drill 250W
50" Plasma TV 300W
Flood Light 500W – 750W
Heat Gun 600W – 1500W
1/2" Drill 750W
Engine Heater 750W
Coffee Maker 800W - 1200W
Toaster 800W – 1500W
4.5" Grinder 800W – 1500W
Printer/Faxer 900W – 1300W
Hair Dryer 900W – 1600W
Iron 1000W
Fiber Splicer 1000W
Shop Vac 1000W
Hammer Drill 1100W – 1600W
Sump Pump 1100W – 2200W
E-Chainsaw 1100W - 3000W
Pressure Washer 1200W – 3600W
Vacuum 1225W – 1500W
Bucket Heater 1500W
Toaster Oven 1500W
Space Heater 1500W
Reciproc. Saw 1500W – 1800W
Microwave 1500W – 2000W
8" Circ. Saw 1800W
Table Saw 1800W
Thumper 1800W – 2500W
Air Compressor 2000W – 3000W
Convect. Oven 3000W+
NOTE: The wattage requirements for any given item will not be exact in all applications. Please review the documents associated with your equipment to confirm your it's actual wattage requirements. The wattage rating can be calculated by: Volts (120) x Amps.