Deep Cycle Marine Battery, AGM Batteries, Chargers, and Hydro Generators

e Marine Systems provides boat owners with the highest-quality deep cycle batteries and chargers, including AGM batteries.

Deep Cycle Marine Battery & Deep Cycle Battery Chargers

Marine battery charger

A deep cycle marine battery from e Marine Systems supplies steady power for the long haul. A starting battery kicks off your boat’s engine with a brief, powerful surge, but is not designed to withstand multiple discharge and recharge cycles. However, a deep cycle marine battery is designed to deliver a steady amount of current over a long period of time, and can handle being repeatedly discharged and recharged. This makes deep cycle batteries a great choice for running multiple accessories other equipment during extended voyages.

e Marine Systems carries several types of deep cycle marine batteries from trusted manufacturers such as FullRiver, Lifeline AGM, and Power King. And don’t forget to pair your new deep cycle marine battery with a deep cycle battery charger from e Marine Systems!

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AGM Batteries and AGM Battery Chargers

AGM battery

Also known as “absorbent glass mat” batteries, AGM batteries from e Marine Systems are extremely safe. They are spill-proof, and don’t tend to corrode. AGM batteries also charge more quickly and produce higher currents than the wet type, since they have lower internal resistance.

All marine batteries discharge energy while not in use, but some types do so more quickly than others. Since AGM batteries are sealed, they retain their charges much longer than unsealed marine batteries. In comparison to wet-type marine batteries, AGM batteries from e Marine Systems will self-discharge about thirty times slower.

Sealed AGM batteries can be installed in both an upright and sideways position, since they have no liquid inside that could leak. With this flexibility, the AGM batteries offered by e Marine Systems can fit into tighter spaces than some other battery types.

Even though AGM batteries discharge much more slowly than other types, you will still need to recharge your AGM batteries periodically. Come to e Marine Systems for a reliable AGM battery charger that will keep your AGM batteries revved up. We carry leading AGM battery charger brands like Xantrex, NOCO, and Victron Energy.

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Hydro Generators

A hydro generator from e Marine Systems lets you harness the kinetic energy of your boat as it glides through the water. Running almost silently, a hydro generator harvests power much like a windmill. Even if you’re using a powerful AGM deep cycle battery, why not take advantage of the energy your boat generates while sailing? An e Marine Systems hydro generator will collect that energy and feed it back into your AGM deep cycle battery, steadily charging your boat’s battery while the battery is disbursing power to your boat’s motor and equipment.

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No matter what type of hydro generator, deep cycle battery, AGM batteries, or deep cycle battery charger you need, e Marine Systems has the power source to suit your needs. The marine battery experts at e Marine Systems will help you determine the best deep cycle batteries, charger, and hydro generator for your boat. Call us today at 954-581-2505, or drop us a line at [email protected]. Our knowledgeable staff will be happy to assist you!