The wise mariner should exercise prudence and utilize all navigation information available and will not rely on any single navigation tool or system, including this information provided. Under no circumstance is the information provided from this web site to be used without plotting courses on appropriate charts and navigational maps. There are inherent inaccuracies both in Loran and GPS systems and the mariner must be aware of them to assure safety of navigation.

Additionally many if not most charts were created before GPS was available and therefore charts and maps may differ from actual on site data. The data from this web site is to be used only to supplement other normal navigational methods and tools, not for primary navigation These waypoints and charts are for informational purposes only. Navigation is an exact science and is one of the key responsibilities of the captain of any vessel. Navigation should be constantly maintained in order to avoid danger to the vessel, crew, the environment and other vessels.

Navigation is also a skill that should be constantly practiced and many methods of position determination should be utilized to assure a safe cruise. GPS is of course the easiest and most accurate method for the average boater. While GPS is easy and convenient we must be careful that we are not lulled into a false sense of security. Dead Reckoning ( DR) , Loran, Celestial, Compass and accurate time sources are some of the means with which to maintain a backup to GPS navigation. Should you have a GPS equipment failure or if the Department of Defense turn the satellites off it would be very wise to have a backup navigational method in use.


These waypoints which we have provided have been extracted from a number of sources including charts. While every effort has been made to achieve accuracy that accuracy cannot be guaranteed and should be verified by your own examination of navigational aids, charts and direct observation.